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Maoists accumulate wealth in Jharkhand


Jamshedpur, April 7: Maoists entrenched in large parts of the state are accumulating wealth. Police forces in states where the CPI (Maoist) has a robust presence concede they do not have the exact earnings of the outlawed outfit, but say the Maoist organization are buying properties in different states and those from other states are doing the same in way in Jharkhand. The Union Home ministry had carried a survey on the status out of which the startling facts came to the fore.

Matters are worse in Jharkhand. Maoists extort nearly several crores of rupees every year from the state. The Maoist extortion machinery has been eating into the state’s development work. The Maoist fund collectors spare none. They arm twist government officials and milk central and state funds for development projects.

They terrorize industrialists, small businessmen, big and small contractors, tendu leaf traders and even poor villagers.

The Naxalites brazenly grab development funds that reach panchayats and NGOs. This also happens because many elected rural body members are complicit.

They often win polls with Maoist help. Once that is done, it is payback time. Illegal mining in Jharkhand is a rich source of revenue for the Maoists.

Extortion is not necessarily in cash. It is in kind as well. “Sometimes they take away grain, pulses and other material.

We don’t dare ask for payment. Those who disobey get beaten up,” an officer. Much of the extorted money goes in buying arms and ammunition, procuring vehicles, purchasing uniforms and medicines, publicity and propaganda, communication equipment, organizing party meetings, boosting their urban networks and fighting court cases for their jailed comrades.

Kundan Pahan, CPI Maoist area commander, and his relatives have 500 acres of land in Bundu-Tmadh Kuntkti. The current price of this land is reported to be Rs. 2.50 crore.

Dhananjay Yadav alias Shyamal Dhananjay has a two-story mansion in Balumath, about three acres of agricultural land, tractors and other vehicles.

Nanho Mochi of Palamau district, who was arrested from Ranchi, has property worth millions. His two children are studying in Ranchi�s reputed English medium school. He owns land and houses near Palamu too.

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