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Many villages in Jharkhand moving towards 100 per cent Vaccination

Naxal affected blocks are also coming forward for vaccination

Many villages of Dumka in Santhal pargana region approaching towards 100 per cent vaccination

Ranchi, June 12:  After the initial vaccine hesitancy in rural pockets, more and more village in Jharkhand are moving towards attaining 100 per cent vaccination. 
The Banmara village in Kullukera panchayat in Simdega district, one of the farthest villages located on the Jharkhand-Chattisgarh border, has got all its eligible beneficiaries vaccinated on Friday for Covid-19.  Even people of Jinsjarakani village in Kurdeg block of Simdega district, on Jharkhand-Odisha border have also shown the same resolve to attain 100 per cent vaccination for Covid-19. 

“These villages being some of the most remotest and farthest have become a role model for others. The people here actively participated in the vaccination drive and achieved 100% vaccination in the village. After a few awareness attempts by the administration people of these villages realized the importance of vaccination for the safety of their people. Ranga panchayat of Masaliya block in Dumka is also heading towards 100% vaccination. Panchayats like Shikaripara, Gandrakpur,  which are situated at the farthest part of the districts have also achieved more than 80% vaccination,” said a source in the Information and Publicity department of Jharkhand. 

Several other villages are in line for 100 per cent vaccination. 
Garu block of Latehar district is a Naxal affected block. The population of this block is close to 36,000. Almost 50% of the 18+ population of this block have received the vaccine Jab. The district administration is running intensive awareness campaigns across the block. Every day, a rise in vaccination coverage is being recorded. Awareness campaigns run by the government in native and regional languages are helping people understand the benefits of the vaccine. Myths and fallacies related to the vaccine are being exposed among the rural population of the state.

Dumka district of Santhal Pargana region having multiple panchayats recording more than 75% or 80% vaccination coverage is running an intensive awareness drive across the districts. In addition to weekend vaccination mass drives being organized across the state, Dumka district administrationalso organizes awareness camps. Officials and local people take part in awareness camps and mobilize more people towards vaccination centres.

“Apart from the efforts made by the administration to create awareness among the rural population, every week people would gather at different parts of the village. Everyone would share their inputs related to COVID safety behaviour and vaccination.Self-education, village level meetings related to vaccines was prevalent among villagers. Having a traditional lifestyle, every week they take part in social work for the upliftment of their village and their people. This created a similarity of thought among the villagers. Villages like Banmara, Jins Jara Kani and Ranga were motivated by the awareness drives run by the government, they accepted the importance of vaccination. They admitted that death due to Covid can create chaos among villagers. To avoid such mishappenings they voluntarily came ahead to take part in the Covid vaccination. Appeals from the government headed by Chief Minister Hemant Soren are now bringing results. Migrants coming back to these villages are being kept under quarantine for 14 days, at govt run quarantine facilities for the safety of their village,” said a source in the chief minister’s officer’s office. 

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