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Mango Medical shop owner jailed for selling prohibited drugs

Jamshedpur, August 25: In an incident a Mango medical retail shop was raided by an investigating team on Monday.

Intoxicating drugs were confiscated in huge quantities. Mahalaxmi Medicos in Dimna road Mango has been for long in the news for selling of illicit drugs and medicines without proper regulation or control.

The police and the administration have been tracking their merchandise for over a long period of time. Finally on Monday, a team led by SDO Alok Kumar and Magistrate Anita Kerketta performed a planned raid at the shop premises at around 2 pm in the afternoon.

The team also included drug inspectors Alok Kumar & Ram Kumar Jha, Mango Police station officer incharge Kamleshwar Pandey and several police officers. In the beginning, the team found nothing and the owner couple threw a strong opposition upon the team.

But on deeper inspection the members found loads of intoxicating medicines hidden behind racks and cartons. Owner Aarti Gupta slipped out and fled the spot. However her husband Umesh Gupta was arrested and detained. The raid was conducted by the direct orders of DC Amitabh Kaushal.

Kaushal took this strict step because the curfew witnessed by the city last month was the result of a spat between two groups of drug users.

Since then the entire administration had pledged to wipe out any illegal drug dealers in the city.

Previously drug inspector Ram Kumar Jha had suspended the chemist�s license on many occasions, but due to the loopholes in the drug laws the owner duo always found a way to reprieve their license and reinstate their illicit drug operation business.

Co-owner Umesh Gupta was finally sent to jail on Tuesday and the license has been put on hold and is liable for cancellation. This breakthrough could curb drug distributions to a great level in the city.

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