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Mangla bazaar hawker tries to commit suicide in Sakchi

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Jamshedpur, August 25: In a step to make the city streets more spacious & cleaner Deputy Commissioner Dr. Amitabh Kaushal banned street markets from the prime areas.

Sakchi which has been known for its legacy of Mangla Bazaar (Tuesday Market) has been wiped clean. The street markets are nowhere visible in the vicinity.

As per the strict order of the administration the market will not be allowed at any cost. For the past 6 weeks, Sakchi and its adjacent areas are easily accessible to the commuters.

Permanent shop premises have accessed a bonus parking area which was previously scorched up with vendors. As every object or subject have both light and a dark side.

In regard to these street markets the vendors are now jobless for over 1 month now and demand reinstating of their market area. However the administration doesn�t seem to soften in its decision.

Taking an extreme step the street vendors association demonstrated a protest against the administration on Monday. This drama was staged near the Sakchi roundabout, one of the busiest parts of the city.

The traffic was brought to a standstill. The protestors shouted slogans and few of them poured petrol over their body & tried to immolate themselves.

The police soon intervened and arrested the ones trying to commit suicide. Later they were released but little did it effect the decision of the administration which is like a line written on stone.

On further persuasion by the association, the DC assured to form a committee to decide the whereabouts of reinstatement of the market.

The committee has been formed and it will determine a separate area for the market to be convened. It is expected that a separate market complex would be constructed for it.

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