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Mango, Jugsalai PDS dealers asked to ensure timely ration delivery in proper amount


60 absenting dealers showcaused, action if stock details not displayed 

Jamshedpur, Nov 19: The PDS (ration dealers) have been asked to ensure that all card holders get food grains as per their legal entitlements in proper time.

The instructions were given during a meeting chaired by East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Vijaya Jadhav with Public Distribution Shop (PDS) dealers of Jugsalai and Mango civic areas.

Deputy Commissioner said that it is the right of the beneficiary to get ration in the right quantity, if complaints of irregularities are received, action will be taken to cancel the license of the concerned dealers after investigation. Along with this, instructions were given to compulsorily give slips along with ration to the beneficiaries. It was informed that complaints are also being received in which ration for two months was given by putting thumb impression three times, avoid such works, thumb impression should be given only for the month for which ration is being given.

Around 60 dealers who were absent from the meeting were instructed to show cause.

It was disclosed during the meeting that In Mango Municipal Corporation area, 2031 beneficiaries are not lifting ration since last six months and 564 beneficiaries since a year, while in Jugsalai Municipal Council area, 651 beneficiaries are not lifting ration since last six months and 96 beneficiaries since last year.

The concerned PDS dealers were directed to conduct a local investigation and submit the report to the district office in the next 10 days. The District Deputy Commissioner said that in the event of not submitting the report within 10 days, it will be assumed that black marketing of the allotted food grains is being done by the dealers against the ration card holders and further action will be taken.

The PDS shopkeepers were also informed that Aadhaar entry in ration cards should be complete before 30th November.

Those who do not have Aadhaar card were instructed to take it in writing and get the Aadhaar number entered, giving one month’s time. Those beneficiaries who do not have Aadhaar and are not able to provide it even after one month, then their name will be removed from the ration card.

The dealers were also asked to write in the notice board when the ration stock came, in which month it came and how much it came, and deliver it within the stipulated time period. Action would be taken if officials do not find it during a random visit.

All PDS dealers were instructed to ensure that mobile numbers and bank account numbers of all card holders associated with their shops are entered within a week.

The District Supply Officer said that due to lack of mobile number  in the card, many instructions by the department related to the consumer, they are not able to get the information.

All PDS dealers were instructed to distribute at least 95 per cent food grains every month. After checking the dealers whose distribution will be less than 95 percent, action will be taken against them as per the rules related to cancellation of license.

Along with this, it was directed regarding the exception register that the exception register will be duly maintained and under any circumstances its upper limit will not exceed three percent of the total beneficiaries. Along with this, in the first week of every month, it will be ensured that its verification is done by the concerned Marketing Officer/Supply Officer and it will be ensured that it is entered on the online e-posh machine.


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