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Making Science and Maths child�s play

XLRI comes up with the novel idea of explaining scientific and mathematical to students of class 9 and 10

Jamshedpur, Sept. 13 : Students from XLRI have undertaken the task of imparting practical scientific knowledge to students belonging to the less privileged sections of society.

Inspired by the concept of �Toys from Trash� popularised by Arvind Gupta, a group of 10 students have come up with the novel idea of explaining scientific and mathematical concepts to students of class 9 and 10 with the help of models made from everyday material that could be sourced at zero cost from homes. Thus, were born hovercrafts made from water bottles and balloons and trusses made from ice cream sticks.

From past one month the budding managers of XLRI have been travelling to several schools such as Sardar Madho Singh Memorial School and Mithila High School and interacted with the students there.

�Most of the things we learnt in books did not make much sense to us. But seeing working proof of those concepts in front of our eyes was very exciting,� said Aarti, a class ten student from Mithila High School.

The students displayed great eagerness in learning each concept and were quick to grasp all that was taught. �Our students come from a little privileged background. They are hesitant to ask questions and explore beyond what is there in their books. This is the first time that such a unique workshop was conducted in our school. Such sessions will give greater exposure to them and awaken their curiosity in subjects like Science and Mathematics,� said Sarita Kumari, the principal of Madho Singh Memorial School.

�Giving children a real life experience to physical activities and projects, the working models nurture the young inquisitive and creative minds to become confident adults as they decide to pursue a career of their choice,� said Varsha Bondada, a first year Business Management student of XLRI.

She said that homemade models have become a major tool of learning through the do -it-yourself concept that stimulates a child�s imagination and empower them with knowledge through the path of understanding.
� We have taken steps to promote the power of interactive learning in some schools. The models prepared by the XLRI students have made learning easy by helping children to bridge the gap between knowing and understanding. We are trying to nurturing their inquisitive nature and creative mind that will held them to choose an ideal career of their choice,� said Varsha.

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