Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mahila Sammelan concludes with focus on women’s personal safety

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Jamshedpur, March 13: Women’s personal safety and health concerns were the focus at the concluding day of Mahila Sammelan, a two-day meet organised by Tata Steel Rural Development Society at Tribal Culture Centre, Sonari.

Nearly 1,000 women from both urban and rural areas, engaged in self-help groups, adult literacy interventions attended the meet.

Mrs. K.C. Lalita, Head, Security, Tata Steel, gave a number of tips to women to escape from violence and crime unleashed against them. Lalita, who has the distinction of being the first woman to work as Head, Security for the Steel major, listed a number of daily use items that women can use to safeguard themselves from vulnerable and dangerous environments.

Stressing on the need of imparting self-defense training to women, especially those in rural areas, Mrs. Lalita shared some dos and don’ts with the rural women participants for their safety. She said ’Do not try to venture into areas that are poorly lit or those completely plunged into darkness.

Avoid going to secluded places at odd hours. Women taking auto-rickshaws, buses or other public or private transport to commute should make it a point to inform their family about the registration number of those vehicles.’

Dr. Smita Gaikwad, Senior Registrar, Plant Medical, Tata Steel conducted an interactive session on healthy eating habits and balanced diet. Speaking on the occasion she said ‘Women can ward off a number of health problems by eating healthy, green and leafy vegetables, roughage, jaggery and citrus fruits.

She advised women to not go for self-medication, especially in cases related to infants. She futher added, ‘Normally, we are in a habit of administering leftover medicines to our family members in cases of fever, cold and other types of illness. We should do away with this practice right away as it can lead to several health complications. No medicines should be given without consulting a physician”.

Mrs Sumita Singh, an educationist, dealt with issues related to child psychology. She stressed on the role of education and called upon illiterate women to enroll themselves in adult literacy centers. She added ‘Without being educated, you will not be able to make judicious decisions. It’s never too late. In education, age doesn’t matter. You just need to have a will for it’.

Ms Dilith Castleton and Women Empowerment Team from Tata Steel’s CSR department invited self-help group members to share their experiences. ‘It’s just heartening to know that these rural women are self-reliant. They are financially independent and are able to take care of their families in a better way’ added Ms Castleton.

‘With the assistance from TSRDS, we have managed to create as many as 50 ponds. These ponds are supporting agriculture practices in our region,” said Ms Rani Priya of Pragati Federation.

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