Friday, December 1, 2023

Madrasi Sammelani�s 18th book grant function today

Jamshedpur: In an attempt to spread the light of education in the society, the Madrasi Sammelani will organise the 18th book grant function on Sunday at its premises. B Muthuraman, former MD Tata Steel and and chairman of Madrasi Sammelani Board of Trust will be the chief guest.

Some schools which entirely for the under priviledged, like DBMS Liliput School, Premjyoti Pragan etc, block grant is provided to the school and they disseminate the benefit to their students.

It may be mentioned the Madrasi Sammelani during its Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in 1992-93, created an Education and Medical Aid Fund with a view to helping such members of Jamshedpur community who have inadequate financial strength for education of their children and to meet their medical expenses

At the beginning of the academic year, applications are invited from parents, which are scrutinised by a properly constituted committee. The main criteria are income of the parents, performance of the students and the size of the family. The applications received from the economically challenged section of the society. The applicants are required to submit along with the application, the progress card from the school, and vouchers in support of purchase of text and notebooks.

Under the Medical Aid scheme, applications from lower income group individuals with critical illness are received and assistance is provided to the extent possible.

Meanwhile, Muthuraman will also inaugurate the newly constructed wing. A two-storey building, on the same premises where the eatery is now located, has been constructe.d With this, the 400sqft canteen will turn into a 4,800sqft swanky restaurant, offering a variety of south Indian favourites.
Though Madrasi Sammelani came into existence about 98years ago, the present building was constructed after eight years. The canteen, however, was built only 32 years ago.

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