Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ma Shitla worshipped for freedom from disease

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Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, April 5: Ma Shitla was worshipped at Domjuri village in Jadugoda area with piety. Women devotees offered food for consecration of the deity. Organized by Adim Jharkhand Vaishnav Bairagi Samiti, all COVID protocols were in place. Free masks were also distributed among the devotees.

One of the organizers, Nabadwip Das informed that in 1955, small pox epidemic had taken a toll of the people in the area. It was at that time that late Noni Gopal Das and Prabhas Kumar Dixit started the worship of Goddess Shitla in the village. Since then,

 the village and nearby localities have remained free of any major disease or epidemics. Nabadwip Das said that since then, every year Ma Shitla is worshipped by devotees who are growing in numbers with passing years.

Devotees from Jadugoda, Narwa Pahad, Turamdih, Potka, Jamshedpur, Chandil, Saraikela, Chakulia, Parsudih, Kapali and other places attended the prayers.

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