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Lord Krishna�s childhood pranks had messages for mankind: Pandit Rishi

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Jamshedpur, Aug 29: On the fifth day of Bhagwat Katha in the Satyanarayan Mandir Thakur Bari at Jugsalai Chowk Bazaar, Brindavan resident Pandit Santosh Krishna Tripathy Rishi explained the features pertaining to Nandotsav, Putana Uddhar (release Demon Putana), the tradition of coining names of God, worship of Lord Govardhan Nath and the childhood pranks of Lord Krishna.

While narrating the part on Lord Shri Krishna�s childhood pranks, Pandit Tripathy explained that He was adept in all the arts. His acts had messages for mankind ensconced in them. �The fact that He was able to escape from His uncle Kans� prison and reach the safety of Nand and Yashoda�s home in the darkness of the night marks the fact that Lord Krishna was God�s avatar in human form. This was possible because of the avatar He adorned.�

In his narration of the Putana episode Rishi explained, �Putana, a demon woman was sent by Kans to kill toddler Sri Krishna. She changed her looks into that of a beautiful woman. She was to adopt the ploy of breast feeding Krishna with poison and kill Him. Lord Krishna drank from her breast but being God incarnate, nothing happened to Him. While drinking from her breast, He sucked out the life out of the demon and killed her.�

The narrator�s recitation and explanation of the Bhagwat Katha enthralled the large number of devotees who thronged the temple. The main host of the event, the temple�s chief priest Pandit Shrawan Kumar Joshi was also present on the occasion.

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