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Liquor shops in city to be manage by Jharkhand Excise staff from today

Jamshedpur, July 31 : The government employees under Jharkhand Excise from tomorrow will run the liquor shops across the steel city. It will not run by the staff of the liquor shop license-holders. The steel city will have only 25 liquor shops operating from tomorrow instead of 91 shops that were operating on Jharkhand Excise license till today. Sale of liquor is huge in the steel city where Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) is sold to the tune of Rs 60 lakh every day.

Assistant commissioner, Jharkhand Excise, Jamshedpur, Manoj Kumar said that they are all set to take over the management of the shops.

“As per the order from the state government, we have decided to keep only 25 shops operational from where liquor and other alcohol product will be on sale. The remaining 66 liquor shops will be closed down. We have already issued orders,” said Kumar.He went on to inform that there were in all 91 license shops for liquor in the steel city.

” In order to keep vigil on the sale of liquor, we had decided to keep 57 shops open, but we did not have enough man-power in our department, we decided to keep only 25 shops,” the assistant commissioner informed.

He said they have roped in man power from the government-run Employment Exchange for these 25 liquor shops, and will take over more liquor shops later on.

Though the Jharkhand Excise authority are going ahead with their plan for managing the sale of liquor by government staff, the liquor shop owners and their staff are protesting.

A manager of a Sakchi-based licensed liquor shop said they would get jobless from tonight. ” Working at the shop was my only hope. I have been serving as a manager of this shop since the past 10 years, but I along with three more staff will become jobless from tonight.,” he said. He said that his boss will no longer remain the owner of this liquor shop, why should he keep me and three other by paying monthly salary.

At Jamshedpur there are 98 Indian Make Foreign Liquor (IMFL) licensed shops, 51 country-made liqour shop and 15 spicy liquor shops. Notably, the steel city has a history of manufacturing of spurious liquor as the district police had in the past busted several rackets of spurious liquor manufacturing units, especially from the localities like Bagbera, Jugsalai and Kadma.

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