Saturday, December 2, 2023

Liquor shop auction begins through lottery process

Jamshedpur, Feb 28: Proposal for Settlement (Bandobasti) of liquor Shops in the district was done through a lottery process on Friday, Feb 28. Currently all the 165 liquor shops have been divided into 57 groups and a tender has been issued, of which 34 groups have been included in tender.

In the first leg of the settlement 21 groups� bandobasti was done on Friday while the left over 13 group�s bandobasti will be done on Saturday, March 1. The other left over 23 groups bandobsati will be done after the dates are announced. The lottery process was held under the watchfull eyes of DC, Dr. Amitabh Kaushal were ADC Ganesh Kumar, Assistant Commissioner (excise) Dr. Rakesh Kumar, SDO Prem Ranjan along with other senior administrative officials were present. In total groups 95 foreign liquor, 55 country made and 15 composite shops have been included.

The total monthly revenue the government will earn is Rs 7, 27, 25, 931. The applicant fess received was Rs 57 lakh. The maximum tender received was from group no 15 from Kadma situated shop for which 51 people applied while group no 14 shop also situated in Kadma received 46 applicants.

It may also be noted that for single shop one and two people filled the tender for which Jemco resident Hanuman Prasad and Parsudih resident Ankit Singh were absent during the settlement. The duo will be allowed to present on Saturday.

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