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Kudmi rail roko agitation threat to also affect Tatanagar-Howrah route

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Jamshedpur, September 15: Kudmi community has prepared to block the railway track on a large scale on 20th September.

To make it successful, Kudmi community has held several meetings in Kudmi dominated villages of Jharkhand and Bengal. Harmohan Mahato, central spokesperson of tribal Kudmi community, said that this time the rail chakka jam will be historic.

Mahato said that in this movement the mineral wealth of Jharkhand will be prevented from going out. Until Kudmis are included in the ST list, this type of movement will continue. Our one-on-one fight with the government will continue. Union Home Minister Amit Shah should call for tripartite talks and take the initiative to include Kudmi in the ST list without any delay.

A special session is to be held from 18th to 20th September. There is an appeal to Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Varan Mahato, Ajsu  MP Chandraprakash Choudhary, Rajya Sabha MP Mamta Kumari and Khiru Mahato to again raise the demand of Kudmi community in the session.

Major railway stations have been marked for rail traffic jam. Besides, responsibility has also been fixed for blocking the track. Track jam will be done at Muri station under the leadership of Sheetal Ohdar and Harmohan Mahato.

Whereas, Sanjeev Mahato and Murali Mahato have been given the responsibility of Manoharpur station, Jairam Mahato and Padmalochan Mahato in  Neemdih station, Mantu Mahato and others of Gomoh station, Ajit Mahato and others of Kushtand station and Rajesh Mahato and others in Khemasuli station.

Kudmi Sena has also supported the rail strike called on 20th.

Kudmi Sena Jharkhand state president Vishal Chandra Mahato and Shailendra Mahato told that their team will also participate in the Rail Chakka Jam program with full force.



  1. Is this a joke or what going on. These people doesn’t even have the common sense that they are disrupting lives of several patients and for what to get their position at a lower level, thats the reason and mentality for India being still in this situation. Developement means moving to a better life and these people wants to get degraded for a lifestyle. Government should now evade all the freebies given to such castes and communities which are ultimately paid from taxes of our hard earned money and ultimately we are the ones who are suffering. This is just ridiculous. Plea to Indian Railways to electrify the Lines in this route like in metros so these people’s don’t dare an act like so.

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