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Kolhan University: JPSC appointed faculties to take charge, contractual to be relieved


Jamshedpur, June 3: An important meeting of the Kolhan University syndicate was held under the chairmanship of vice chancellor Professor Dr. Gangadhar Panda on Friday in the Senate Auditorium of Kolhan University.

In the meeting it was decided that a total of 15 candidates were recommended by JPSC and sent to the Geography Department. Out of 15 candidates, three were given for PG department and 12 candidates were given for different colleges. The verification of certificates of all the above candidates had been done earlier. 14 candidates had appeared during the certificate verification. One candidate was absent. When the said candidate was contacted by the university, it came to know that he is working in another institute. In such a situation, out of 14, three candidates were selected for PG department and 11 candidates were selected for various colleges. 

University spokesperson Dr PK Pani said that within the next two to three days, out of 14 candidates, 11 candidates will be appointed in various colleges. After this, on or after June 20, they will be directed to take their position in colleges. Apart from this, approval related to Academic Council and Finance Committee was also given in the meeting of Syndicate. Period based teachers are already working in various colleges of Kolhan University. In such a situation, on the appointment of 11 candidates, the service of six bell-based teachers will automatically be terminated. In this regard, Dr PK Pani said that period-based teachers were kept in the colleges of the university with the condition that as soon as the assistant professors would be appointed. They will be automatically relieved. 

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