Thursday, June 1, 2023

KMCEO trustees meet principals of city schools


Jamshedpur, Jan. 6: Kudy Mahanty Children�s Opportunities (KMCEO), a city based NGO founded by Rupa and Niroop Mahanty in memory of their daughter has been active since in this region since June 2000 with a series of initiatives including health camps and medical support for the needy, scholarships, inter village sports, construction of a school block in Patamda, etc.

Since the past several years it has focussed on bringing drinking water to villages having covered eighteen villages so far. It will continue these initiatives and add others as time goes by.

Another NGO, the Kudy Mahanty Children�s Educational Opportunities (KMCEO) , has now been registered, with the purpose of furthering college education amongst the meritorious and needy students of Jamshedpur. The Trust would offer the �Kudy Mahanty Scholarships� to deserving candidates to enable them to meet their scholastic goals. �Furthering Aspirations�, is the motto of this trust.

Whilst the Mahantys are the settlers of the trust, the Trustees would actually manage all the activities of the trust. To achieve this, the trustees were invited based on their track record in running educational services, or proven entrepreneurial or corporate track records.

B Chandrashekhar, Vice Chairman of the DBMS group of schools is the President, whilst Dr Jittu Singh, erstwhile Dean of XLRI is the Vice President.

They are joined by Mrs Mitali Chopra, an entrepreneur as Secretary and Mr Abhijit Mitra, VP Tayo, and Mr Vivek Dharmarajan, an industrialist, as Asst. Secretaries.

Narendra Mawandia, head of his own accounting firm will be the treasurer and Mrs Lalitha Chandrashekhar, President of the DBMS group will function as the Assistant Treasurer.

The Settlers and the Trustees met the Principals of Jamshedpur schools in the presence of Mrs Ruchi Narendran, President of the JEM Foundation and Mrs Srimanti Sen, President of JOGGA on Wednesday during which the mission, vision and modalities of how this new initiative will function were explained.

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