Friday, December 1, 2023

Kharkai flows above danger mark, people ordered to vacate low-lying areas

Jamshedpur, July 27: Heavy rainfall from the last 24 hours has increased the water level of Kharkai River marking it above the danger mark.

Seeing the situation district adminsitration has ordered the people living in low-lying areas to move to a more safe and secure place.

Talking about the situation, District Public Relation Officer (DPRO) Avinash Kumar said, �Water level of Kharkai has crossed the danger mark.

The danger mark of Kharkai River is 129 m while the water level at 5.30 pm was 129.80 m and with time it is increasing�.

Kumar further informed that district adminsitration has warned the residents of low-lying areas of Shastrinagar, Ramdas Bhatta and Baghbera to evacuate �the dangerous locations and take shelter in safer places.

He also said that Subarnrekha River is still flowing below the Danger mark.

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