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Keenan Stadium pelted with stones by irate crowd, Ranji Match abandoned

Jamshedpur, Oct 30: Unruly scenes ruled the day at Keenan Stadium here as spectators ran out of control after the final day of Jharkhand-Delhi group A Ranji Trophy match was called off today for the fourth consecutive day due to soggy outfield.

Angered over the repeated cancellation of the match every day the crowd went riot by throwing stones at the lush greens of Keenan Stadium.

Some in the crowd also broke the grille and entered the ground in the morning.

Delhi team manager Suresh Luthra talking to the media persons after the official announcement of the match being called off, said our team has big international players like of Virendra Sehwag and Guatam Gambhir but we have lost an opportunity to start of theeason with a win, we are the stronger side compared to Jharkhand but have to be content with only 1 point.

Both the teams have been allotted 1 point each. The three galleries of the stadium were opened for the spectators to enjoy the match and all the three were jampacked on all the four days of the match but dejected fans had to go back empty handed and without being able to catch a glimpse of their star Sehwag and Gambhir for whom several admirers had come all the way from Ghatshila and some fromchandil.

Around 5000 spec-ators were present from 8 am in the morning hoping for play to begin on the final day of the match which was just a formality.

At 9 am after the inspection by the umpires and match referee said the ground was not fit for play and announced the next inspection at 12 noon.

Not a single seat in the gallery was empty and crowd hoping for a 12 noon start were sitting in the stands but a shocker came after the inspection at 12 and umpires declared it unfit for play due to wet outfield.

Soon after the announcement that match has been cancelled the crowd erupted and started pelting stones on the ground, more than 5000 people annoyed that not a single bowl was bowled and more so neither Sehwag nor Gambhir came to the ground to show their face.

The crowd which started throwing stones was uncontrollable and filled the ground with pebbles. Soon the police was pressed into action and they lathi charged creating panic among the crowd and the stands were emptied soon after the same.

Several cameras of the state board have been damaged, local photographers were also targeted and couple of them was injured. Earlier the groundsmen tried to dry the ground but as they were trying from the last three days but with no result, the facilities at the stadium are impaired, the supper sopper use to dry the water had no sponge in it.

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