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Karwa Chauth celebrated in city, women pray spouse� wellbeing


Jamshedpur, Oct. 30: Women in Jamshedpur observed fast for the long life of their better halves, while unmarried women fasted for their fianc�s.

However, they both had a tough time on Saturday evening as the moon kept them waiting on the occasion of Karva Chauth.

Though it is important for married women to observe Karva Chauth, the festival is very important in those households where a newlywed daughter-in-law has arrived.

While at some places, women followed the traditional methods of fasting with kathas and rituals, at other residential societies dance programmes along with the traditional dhol-wala was organised.

A resident of Sakchi, Renu Chawla said, �In order to celebrate the day and forget our craving for food, we organise interesting programmes where we sing and dance. Once we end our fast in the evening after seeing the moon and our husband through a sieve.�

Delicacies and traditional items like rice kheer, mathri and other sweets from the market are favourites on this occasion. The main course consists of poori, dum aloo, green vegetables, dahi-wada and pulav. The entire family has a total vegetarian feast on this occasion.

Rekha Sharma, who has observedKarva Chauth for the past 28 years said, �Karva means a small pot or a lota filled with water, which is placed in front of Lord Ganesh.

On this day, we worship Lord Ganesh for the long life of our husbands. After observing fast for the whole day, we follow certain rituals in the evening before consuming food and water. Married women observing fast will see the moon through the sieve and then see their husband through it.�

Sangeeta Ahuja, another house wife, said that though she is educated and believes in scientific advancement, she still believes in God and performs all religious rites.

She says the sages and saints of yesteryears who wrote the Vedas were never wrong. �Everything they had said or predicted had come true so I follow this ritual every year.

I used to observe fast before marriage for getting a good husband and after marriage two years ago, I still observe the fast. I enjoy it and will continue to do so. This ritual is for the long life of husbands so I would love to do it for him.�

Meanwhile, Dipin Mehta, a modern house-wife, was observing her second Karva Chauth said that the feeling was awesome as usual. �I was duly pampered by my better half. My husband had taken a leave and was with me throughout the day.

She added that she was not a person who can stay hungry for long, yet somehow the fasting went pretty smoothly for me.

After I finish all religious rites and break my fast, most probably we shall go out for dinner and have a nice good time.�

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