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Judicial officials create awareness on Good Samaritan policy and victim compensation at MGM

Jamshedpur, May 22:  On the instructions of Jhalsa, a legal awareness program was organized by the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Civil Court, Jamshedpur in the conference hall of MGM Hospital on Sunday, in which discussions were held on Good Samaritan Policy of Jharkhand and Victim Compensation.

First Class Judicial Magistrates of Civil Court Jamshedpur Aditya and Prashant Kumar gave detailed information about Good Samaritan Policy and Victim Compensation. Along with this,  they explained various aspects of the law in detail so that the victims and needy people get free and speedy justice.

DLSA remand and panel lawyer Shamshad Khan, while conducting the program, apprised the people of DLSA’s work and purpose. The program was presided over by Dr. Arun Kumar, Superintendent of MGM Hospital.

In the awareness program, the judicial magistrate said that every year more than five thousand road accidents take place in Jharkhand and more than three thousand people die. Most of the deaths in accidents are of youth. The government is sensitive about this. The Government has approved the Jharkhand Good Samaritan Policy, showing sensitivity, so that people come forward to help the injured in road accidents and someone’s life can be saved. Now the government will also honor those who take the injured to the hospital by giving incentive money.

Good Samaritan (Nice Hearted Man) Policy-2020 in Jharkhand has been implemented in February 2021. Its purpose is to give financial benefits with respect to the helpers who take the injured person to the hospital in the golden hour (first 60 minutes) in a road accident, so that the injured can get success in saving their lives in time. Now any common man can play the role of Good Samaritan in this work. In lieu of this, a provision has been made to not harass the police along with giving incentive money to those who help. Under this, the police will no longer harass the helpers of the injured. Also, in the event of taking information related to the accident, the police will have to deposit one thousand rupees in the bank account of the noble citizen who helps for every inquiry. If that person goes to court after becoming a witness, then on every hearing that person will get one thousand rupees in his account. Government servants and public representatives will also have the responsibility of helping the injured in road accidents.

Two thousand rupees will be given to the helper for taking the injured to the hospital within one hour of the accident i.e. golden hour.

If two persons take an injured person to the nearest hospital, then both will be given two thousand.

If more than two people take any injured to the hospital, then the government will give five thousand rupees, the said amount will be distributed equally among all. After the helper takes the patient to the hospital, they will not be stopped unnecessarily. Even the hospital staff cannot interrogate him. Cognizance will not be taken by the police in the course of answering questions. He can be summoned for testimony only in special circumstances and minimum times.

During the awareness program, it was informed that after the important orders of the Supreme Court related to increase in the compensation amount of the victims given in the dates 11-05-2018 and 25-07-2018.

 During the awareness program, women and poor people were told that any dalit, victim, needy people can get free justice.

One can come to Nyay Sadan located in the Court and apply in the office of the District Legal Services Authority or at Legal Aid Clinic located at MGM Hospital.

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