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 ‘Jo Khatiyan ki baat karega, wahi Jharkhand per raj karega’


Governor does not want betterment of Jharkhandis: CM

Ranchi, January 31: Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren continuing to attack BJP and Governor made it clear through slogans that his government will not backtrack on 1932 Khatiyan issue.

At the end of his nearly 40 minutes address at Gopal Maidan in Jamshedpur on Tuesday, most of which were in Santhali, Hemant Soren got the people present to raise slogans ‘Jo Khatiyan ki baat karega wahi Jharkhand per raj karega’ (Only those who talks about Khatiyan, will rule Jharkhand’ which was received with people repeating the slogan repeatedly.

There were several people in traditional tribal costumes with traditional weapons who carried placards supporting 1932 Khatiyani policy and urging Hemant Soren to bring 1932 Khatiyani law and they will support him come what may.

Continuing with his attack on  Governor Ramesh Bais, Soren said that the governor does not want betterment of Jharkhandis, so he has returned the 1932 based local policy which made to protect interest of tribals.

“People sitting on constitutional posts (Governor) in other states protect the interest of tribals. The governor of Karnataka, supported the government after it made a law for the benefit of scheduled castes and tribes. In such a situation, it can be understood that how much the Governor wants the interest of Jharkhand and Jharkhandis,” said Soren.

Chief Minister said that Jharkhand was kept as a den for looters for 20 years.

“Our government has been formed for three years. Development is happening all around. The government is living up to the hopes and aspirations of the people,” he stressed.

Targeting the Central Government, Hemant Soren said, “Right to make laws is with the Central Government, but the law related to the interest of Jharkhand is not being stamped. After passing Sarna Dharmcode, the state government sent it to the center, but it was not approved. People are being tricked on the basis of locality. The government of every state wants the welfare of its people. Makes laws related to their interest. But step-motherly treatment is being given to Jharkhand.”

He also criticized the BJP government for the high inflation.

He said that times have changed and tribals have learnt to fight for their rights.

In the same way, the tribal-native people here know how to claim their rights by fighting.

Soren also said that BJP never wanted a tribal leader to flourish in Jharkhand.

“A tribal (Babulal Marandi) was made the first Chief Minister. But he was not allowed to complete his term. Arjun Munda was brought in after removing him. But even he was not allowed to work properly. In 2014, a non-tribal from Chhattisgarh (Raghuvar Das) was made the chief minister. His government lasted for five years. But instead of ensuring uplift of the tribals, Raghuvar Das developed himself and his relatives,” alleged Soren.

He said that their government is fulfilling the aspirations of the people. But BJP is not able to digest the work of our government.

“Conspiracy is being hatched to topple the government by any means especially by using Federal agencies like ED, CBI and IT. Even contact with our MLAs is being established to disturb our government,” said Soren.

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