Sunday, May 29, 2022

JMM activists block NH 33

Jamshedpur : The traffic on the National Highway 33 was affected after the JMM blocked the vital stretch at Dimna and Bahragora in protest against poor road condition.

Hundreds of JMM activists at Fadlugora on the highway also managed to attract support from the general public who also threw their weight behind the protest.

Scores of cars, trucks and two-wheelers lined up on either side of the dharna site as JMM supporters and public alike raised slogans against the government attitude.

ďDespite claims by the State Government, the NH 33 road connecting Ranchi-Tata is in a dilapidated condition and full of pot holes. We have been demanding repair of the road since long but no one took it seriously forcing us to take the path of agitation,” said a party leader. He said that the JMM activists brought traffic movement to halt.

He threatened that his party will again block the highway if their demands were not fulfilled. “NH 33 has become a death bed. It is a nightmare to travel from Chandil to Bahragora. Roads reflect the development of a state. But roads in Jharkhand have become bad to worse,” Kunal Sarangi, JMM MLA.

“I know that we were once part of the ruling alliance but when there is no one to listen to our grievances. We have no other way but to protest,” said a leader adding that his first priority is better amenities for people of the State and he can even launch a massive protest if the demands are not fulfilled. He said that the has done lip service only and major projects need to be completed yet.

The blockade inconvenienced some of the families from Jamshedpur who were heading to Odisha to catch the morning and afternoon flights.

They demanded immediate repair of highway road from Chandil turnaround to Jamshola (in Orissa) via Pardih, Dimna chowks, Ghatshila, Bahragora and Chichra; removal of a barricade on the Chandil- Kandra (via Manikui).

The blockade called in protest against the delay in repairing the stretch connecting Ranchi to Kolkata, which is riddled with potholes, failed miserably on day one with the arrest of senior party leaders.

Meanwhile as per the programme more than 600 party activists, gathered at NH 33 pardih Chowk wehre the police arrested the workers and rounded them.

The party activists were camping at different points on the NH passing through East Singhbhum. Pardih Kali Mandir, Bhilaipahari, Ghatshila Phuldungri Chowk, Jaganathpur Chowk, Bahragora and Badsol. JMM leaders have expressed angst against the administration and said that the arrest was carried on direction of State Government.

ďOur movement is for the public interested as people are reeling under the shabby condtion of NH. It is a matter of shame that the police used its power to act against the workers. The horrible condition of the NH-33 between Ranchi and Jamshedpur is a clear example of negligence.

If there is a delay on part of the NH agency then at least the state government should carry out temporary repairing of the highway. What is stopping the local government from improving the pathetic condition,Ē said a leader.

He has alleged that the state government authorities have failed to take notice of the NH issue. He said the party will continue to wage movement against the apathy of the Government.

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