Saturday, October 23, 2021

Jharkhand Governor inaugurates tribal, regional language museum at Kolhan University

Ranchi, September 28: Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais on Tuesday virtually inaugurated the tribal and regional language museum of Kolhan University through a video conferencing.

After the inauguration, the Governor expressed happiness to be associated with Kolhan University created as a new university in the state of Jharkhand after being split from Ranchi University in the year 2009.

“Various types of tribes have been residing in this area full of natural and various mineral wealth since ancient times. Their art, culture, folk literature, traditions and customs are very rich and it is recognized globally. Tribal songs and dance are very charming. Tribal communities are nature lovers. This is reflected in their festivals as well. It is seen on various occasions that their singing and dancing are not limited to their community, but also make others to dance on it. It is a matter of happiness that along with the tribal society living in the Kolhan area, people of other communities have been nature lovers since the beginning. Nature is the most wonderful gift of God. Only by walking with it and saving it can we humans survive. The feeling of closeness with nature in the consciousness of tribal society is a symbol of a vast vision of life,” said Ramesh Bais in his address. 

The Governor further said, “I am happy to know that in view of the importance of language and culture of this region, a separate independent department named Tribal and Regional Language Department has been established by the university in the year 2011, under which there are three languages in the present postgraduate level. , Santhali and Kudmali are taught and in graduate level in various affiliated colleges, apart from Santhali and Kudmali, Kurukh and Mundari are also studied.”

He advised that along with systematic study of tribal language, literature and culture, it is very important to preserve all the tools associated with them. It is a pleasure that in this episode, a museum has been established by the Department of Tribal and Regional Languages to preserve and promote the traditional language and culture here.

“I was informed that the names of all the items used in the museum should be in their own language, written in Santhali and Kudmali. The teachers and students of Tribal and Regional Language Department have played an important role in its establishment. I congratulate and congratulate all those teachers and students,” said Bais. 
The Governor reminded about Prime Minister Narendra Modi call for “Vocal for Local”. 
“In view of the unique artwork in regional languages. I call upon all of you to join this campaign and play your active role in the empowerment of the society and the nation by connecting such persons with skill development, their social and economic upliftment can be done. Along with this, we should also work towards encouraging small and cottage industries. To understand the basic cultural base of the tribes, one must collect hand-made items by them. It should be the responsibility of all of us to protect and propagate their art and culture,” said Bais. 

The Governor hoped that more and more youth should get higher education, with the continuous efforts by the university. 

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