Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jharkhand Congress demands seizure of Jamshedpur Nursing Home’s license


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 16: The Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Trade and Industry Cell co-chairman, Kamal Kishor Agrawal has expressed ire over the unruly incident that occurred at the 111 Save Life Nursing Home when a team initiated by Health Minister Banna Gupta went to investigate complaints alleging the director, Dr OP Anand was charging exorbitant medical fees for treatment of patients.

Coming down heavily on the behaviour of the director of 111 Save Life Nursing Home, the co-chairman observed, “Where did Health Minister Banna Gupta go wrong? Is it wrong to set a probe against allegations of anomalies being practiced, more so in the case of nursing homes and hospitals where people look up for treatment of their ailments? Was it necessary for Dr OP Anand to get incited and act indecently? Dr Anand is an educated person but he used foul language directed towards the state Health minister. As if that was not enough, he threatened the special team with assaulting them and this sort of behaviour is not expected of an educated person.”

The state Congress T & I Cell demanded that the license of 111 Save Life Nursing Home be immediately quashed and action criminal proceedings be launched against Dr OP Anand. “If there was nothing wrong, Dr Anand should have greeted the team warmly and shown all relevant records,” said Agrawal.

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