Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jharkhand CM tears into Ajsu while campaigning for Ramgarh by-poll


Seek justice for jailed ex-MLA newborn, accuse Ajsu of using money to influence votes

Ranchi, February 22: As election for the Ramgarh by-poll nears, the campaigning has reached feverish pitch.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren addressed a public meeting near Dulmi Bazar on Wednesday.

While campaigning in favor of UPA backed Congress candidate Bajrang Mahto, Hemant Soren said that this is not a meeting but a public court.

“We are demanding justice for Mamata Devi (erstwhile Ramgarh MLA jailed after conviction in inciting mob violence) who has been implicated  for raising voice for the poor workers. We want justice for a new born who has been snatched from mother,” said Soren.

 The Chief Minister fiercely attacked AJSU and said that these people are making fools by making them Chula Pramukh (hearth head a term denoting women head of each family who are being targeted by Ajsu to ensure contact with each family in the run up to the by-poll). When the UPA government was in power, a cylinder was available for Rs 400, now it is available for Rs 1200 and AJSU who is supporting BJP is working to fool masses in the name of the chulha (hearth) using money power to lure masses. That’s why the public will have to wake up and ensure victory for Grand Alliance candidate Bajrang Mahato in the election scheduled on February 27,” said Soren.

The Ramgarh elections scheduled on February 27 is set to witness a clash between the relatives of political titans here.

While Congress has fielded Bajrang Mahto, the husband of its former MLA Mamta Devi as the UPA candidate, Ajsu supported by BJP has named Giridih MP Chandra Prakash Chaudhary’s wife Sunita Devi as the NDA candidate.

Hemant Soren said that Mamta Devi was put in jail under a well planned conspiracy.

“The child who has not yet left the mother’s chest is being harassed. Some capitalist people snatched the shadow of the mother from the child. Mamta Devi has to get justice regarding this matter,” said Soren.

He lashed out at Chandra Prakash Choudhary alleging that he had distributed sweets when the erstwhile Raghubar Das led government in the state had fixed domicile based on 1985 as the cut-off year, Hemant Soren said that the same persons were shedding crocodile tears on the demand of 1932 khatiyan as domicile status.

Hemant Soren said on what basis the opposition is seeking votes.

“They only know to influence votes using money. They did not do anything when they were the MLA except bag contract and tender for himself and his men. However, Mamta Devi through the present government has introduced several people centric schemes. Earlier only 3300 people used to get pension, but with the efforts of Mamta Devi, 15,000 people are getting pension.  Earlier only 6,000 people used to get pension, now 45 thousand people are getting it. Only 12,000 ration cards were given, but now 1 lakh 45 thousand families are getting ration. To make our future generation better, 33,410 girls were linked to Savitri Phool Bai Yojana,” claimed Soren.

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