Wednesday, November 29, 2023

JH Tarapore students launch cleanliness drive at railway station

Jamshedpur : In the continuous endeavour to produce responsible citizens of the future JH Tarapore has taken up unique initiative of imbibing values in the students by stepping out of the traditional class room teaching which deals with theories only.

To promote better understanding of the practical situation the school has organised a series of �shramdaan� projects the Jamshedpur – I – Care Programme by the students of the Std. XI .

Here the students put themselves in the shoes of the workers of the society and make them realize the importance of hard work. They go to the strategic location ranging from local slums where dwellers were exposed to health and hygiene issues to the Tata Railway Station where a cleanliness drive delighted one and all at the gateway to the Steel city.

Thus the school has successfully lived up to the vision of creating value added citizens for the society who can really make the difference to transform the nation.

This initiative has helped in inculcating the habit of thinking for the betterment of the society and acting responsibly in this endeavor and make Jamshedpur the cleanest city.

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