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‘Jeevan’ appeals to city students against Blue Whale menace

Jamshedpur, Aug. 22: The menace created by the Game � Blue Whale is quite known. Yet sporadic incidences are taking place every now and then which is taking the life of the younger ones.

City-based suicide prevention centre Jeevan has appealed the parents, students and the society against the Blue Whale menace

‘CBSE authorities have taken action in this direction. It is our responsibility also to ensure that no more life is lost in Jamshedpur due to this game’, said, Dr. J.R. Jain, Director, ‘Jeevan’

Dr. Jain further said, ‘We are sure that they have given a thought to this, yet it is a request to all concerned to kindly spread message among the students and parents by whatever means are available to them’.

It may be noted that as per reports mentally disturbed/ depressed / suicidal children are more prone to fall a prey to this game. Hence we should pay special attention to such young people.

‘If the parents, teachers and peers are vigilant, such cases may be identified without much problem. Although the Govt. has banned this game this may not be fool proof and our vigilance is a must to avoid this menace’, added Dr. Jain.

� Jeevan � is sure that all concerned will pay attention to this and support our effort to prevent suicide in and around Jamshedpur. Jeevan has also rolled out the helpline no. 6555555, against the blue whale menace.

The Blue Whale game or Blue Whale Challenge is believed to be a suicide game wherein a group of administrators or a certain curator gives a participant a task to complete daily � for a period of 50 days � the final of which is the participant committing suicide.

Participants are expected to share photos of the challenges/tasks completed by them.

These daily tasks start off easy � such as listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, among others, and then slowly escalate to carving out shapes on one�s skin, self-mutilation and eventually suicide.

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