Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jamshedpur winter fest website launched

Jamshedpur: As the annual Jamshedpur fest gains momentum, the organisers launched its website to help reach event to a larger audience. Jusco managing director Ashish Mathur inaugurated the website on the sidelines of the press conference at the Centre for Excellence on Wednesday.

On the occasion Ashish Mathur said that the website provides the complete detail about the events which are part of the Jamshedpur winter fest and also flashes the upcoming events.

It provides details about what one can do while in Jamshedpur including a visit to the Tata Steel Centre for Excellence for a look at the archives, to get a feel of how this unique town came about. As for all selfie buffs, a simple drive around Jamshedpur’s many parks, scenic walkways, and the riverside should provide more than ample opportunities for clicks.

What’s more, the short distances in Jamshedpur make it perfectly possible to pack in multiple activities in one day. Golfers can start the day with a round at the greens, take the kids for a visit to the zoo later in the morning, or even a trip through the highway, to one of the lakes.

Mathur informed that for the out station visitors coming to Jamshedpur during this period can also experience Jamshedpur’s more permanent charms, best experienced in winter. A trip to the Jamshedpur Zoological Park located in Jubilee Park, the ‘green lungs’ of the city, for a glimpse of the zebras or lions. Those into trekking can take a trip to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary with the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, where they are certain to meet Champakali and Rajni, two rescued elephants, one a senior citizen, the other, a cub.

A trek or drive up to the hilltop, and one may even spot some wild elephants and flying squirrels! Dimna and Chandil lakes offer rafting and boating on placid waters. If a waterfront picnic is preferred, then its best to savour some snacks and hot tea from local vendors, near Dimna Dam, as lake waters lap at the shore.

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