Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jamshedpur shopkeepers protest as cops support bandh


Demand suspension of police officer 

Jamshedpur: A section of shopkeepers today alleged that police have also supported the Bharat Bandh and cops were seen forcing traders to close their shops. BJP leader Vikas Singh, along with the shopkeepers of Dimna Road, protested against the move. The leader alleged that the cops were supporting the bandh. Singh said that since 7.30 am many shopkeepers said that the police patrol jeep was giving a call to close the shop shutters. Singh was provided with video footage by the local shopkeepers, in which it is clearly visible that the patrol vehicle of Olidih police and the PCR vehicle were spreading fear among the shopkeepers.

While registering the case, Singh has said that the Senior Superintendent of Police of the district should take cognizance of the matter and suspend the officer concerned. On the occasion, mainly Rajesh Sahu, Durga Dutta, Vijay Singh, Vijay Ojha, Chhotelal Singh, Sheetal Rajak, Jitu Gupta, Ajay Lohar, Pankaj Suman Sharma, Sushil Sharma, Pankaj Gupta, Manoj Rai, Rakesh Choubey, Atish Chaudhary, Pramod Kumar Mishra, Neeraj Gupta, Hemant Singh, Suresh Prasad, Vikesh Dubey, Raja Singh, Mahesh Singh, Ajit Goyal, Sanju Devi etc. were present.

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