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Jamshedpur sees spurt in chickenpox cases as summer sets in early


Jamshedpur, March 15: With the mercury level increasing in the city, the weather is bringing with it a fair share of chickenpox cases. The district surveillance department had sent 55 blood samples from eight different locations to MGM Medical College and Hospital out of which 30 were tested Chicken Pox.

District health administration has sounded a general alert against chicken pox, with cases being reported regularly from many parts of the district. According to information from May 2022 to March 2023, a total of 170 cases have been reported.

Although chicken pox is commonly reported in the summer, delayed rainfall this season could have led to more cases in March, medical experts said. As per the report, 20 chickenpox cases were recorded between January and March this year.

Chickenpox is a mild but highly infectious disease common among children. Adults too can be infected in some cases. Although a vaccine exists to prevent chickenpox infection, it is not part of the national immunization programme and most parents do not opt for it for their kids, the experts said.

“The winter has been mild this time and even before summer, the weather is posing a threat of heat waves. Usually, we see chickenpox cases in April and May, but we have reported a drastic rise in March alone this time,” said an official of MGM Medical College and Hospital.

Lack of awareness about chicken pox vaccination is said to be the major culprit. Chickenpox is a viral illness that generally starts with mild fever. Multiple small red bumps are formed on the skin and they turn into thin-walled blisters filled with water. They become cloudy blisters or open sores and finally dry up with brown crusts.

The hot and scorching summer in the city has not only made life difficult but has also increased the woes of the people. Several cases of serious diseases, such as dehydration, gastroenteritis, jaundice and viral fever are being reported in the city with nursing homes and hospitals witnessing spurt in admissions.

According to information, with temperature shooting up many people have been attacked with cough-cold, seasonal flu dehydration, gastroenteritis and jaundice.

The city is experiencing its hottest March this season. Jamshedpur, the forecast for the next two days is mainly clear skies and a temperature of more than 35 degrees Celsius.

“The month of March is unbearably hot. Though it is difficult to predict day-to-day temperatures, March-end and mid-April will definitely be very hot,” said an official of the Met office, Sonari.

Sources at nursing homes like Steel City Nursing Home, Rajasthan Seva Sadan and Life Line Nursing Home informed that they were treating at least 10 cases of flu and dehydration on a daily basis.

 “We are receiving about five to six cases on a daily basis this summer. The numbers have shot up this time. On Wednesday too, several cases were admitted. While food poisoning is not all that serious, doctors always ask for prevention. The rainy season has also spoiled sport. Every time during this season cases like these witness rise,” said an official of Rajasthan Seva Sadan.

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