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Jamshedpur: Rise in Cybercrime, Police convene meeting with banks  


Jamshedpur, Nov 19: Amidst rising cases of cyber thefts in the city, the police have joined hands with various banks in the district to create awareness among citizens and frame strategy to combat the situation. A meeting was held on Saturday with bank officials.

Cyber criminals have once again become active in siphoning off amounts from the bank customers and customers of other financial organisations by making fraudulent means in the steel city.

A coordination meeting was conducted at Bistupur Police station with bankers and cybercrime police officials regarding cybercrimes.

Addressing the gathering, SSP Prabhat Kumar urged the bankers to follow the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms. He emphasised that ATM centers should be monitored constantly with security guards. CCTV installation was must for all the ATM centers, he said, adding that the Bank officials and cybercrime police personnel should collaborate and work together. He also asked the banks to spread greater awareness among their customers.  

“Cybercrime is a major challenge today.  Unlike the conventional crime, in cybercrime, the criminals use no weapon and their weapons are the internet, mobile phone, and netbanking.  We call the cybercrime a big challenge as a cybercriminal has not to come to the field in the open,” noted another police official.

He pointed out to some extent they are able to detect other forms of cybercrime like posting objectionable materials on Facebook, putting objectionable materials for arousing religious sentiments and cheating girls by means of Facebook having created a Facebook account on fake ID, but are behind detecting the fraudulent withdrawal.

Meanwhile, SSP enquired about the problems of banking officials related to Cybercrimes. He also assured them that police will always be ready to help and assist in banking crime related issues.

The senior police officials said that it is important to help/alert bank customers in fraudulent transactions; the concerned banks should remain alert with transaction details and alert messages. It will be good and helpful for a naive person if the bankers send SMS alerts in local/native language.

“The complexity in cybercrime is that an offender can commit the crime by sitting at a distant place.  The police are supposed to detect such crime by making investigations through cyber technology. The efforts are also being made by the police department to strengthen its network,” said an official.

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