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Jamshedpur: ‘Panchayat representatives crucial for schemes implementation at ground level’


DC reminds PRIs on ensuring welfare schemes success at villages

Jamshedpur, January 21: With the chief minister focusing on New Year being a year of implementation of welfare projects, East Singhbhum deputy commissioner reminded elected panchayat representatives of their importance in making schemes success at ground level.

East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Vijaya Jadhav held a meeting with mukhiyas (village heads) of villages in four blocks – Jamshedpur, Bodam, Patamda and Ghatshila at Sidhgora town hall on Saturday which was also attended by other senior administrative officials.

“Through such meeting we want welfare schemes to be brought successfully at the ground level with your participation. The elected public representatives have an important role other than the administrative officials in proper execution and implementation of the schemes,” said Vijaya Jadhav.

She focused specially on state government’s ambitious schemes such as Chief Minister’s Livestock Development Scheme, Chief Minister’s Employment Generation Scheme, Sarvajan Pension Scheme, Sona Sobaran Dhoti Saree Distribution Scheme, Green Ration Card, Savitri Bai Phule Kishori Samriddhi Yojana, KCC and also Pre-Post Matric Scholarship, Phulo Jhano Ashirwad Yojana, Birsa Harit Gram Yojana.

“The meeting was convened with the aim of mutual cooperation and sharing of information about the welfare schemes of the government through public representatives. A similar meeting will also be organized at the Ghatshila subdivision headquarters on Tuesday, in which the mukhiyas of the remaining blocks will be invited,” said the deputy commissioner.

The Deputy Commissioner told that the senior in-charge of all the blocks visits the panchayat every Wednesday in order to keep coordination with the village level people’s representatives. She also appealed to discuss the development plans implemented in panchayats with the senior in-charge.

Focus on panchayat level camps 

The Deputy Commissioner said that in each block from time to time, be it disability check-up camps or pension camps, through these camps, efforts are being made to cover the deserving beneficiaries with  the welfare schemes of the government.

“Being a public representative, you know the people of your area better, whether it is family, financial condition or you are with them in happiness and sorrow, in such a situation, your invaluable contribution in organizing these camps is also invaluable in strengthening  rural economy,” she said.

She cited the scheme of cow development, which includes the scheme of mini dairy of two cows, five cows and 10 cows, and to bring awareness among the general public regarding the schemes of pig farming, poultry farming, goat farming. She also said that there is a great potential of commercial poultry. Eggs are given to the children in the mid-day meal, which are being procured from other places, when the production is done in this district, the farmers and local people will be benefited.

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