Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Jamshedpur: Lord Jagannath Mahaprabhu bathed with holy water

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Jamshedpur, June 24: Devotees observed Dev Snan Purnima at various temples across Jamshedpur including ISKCON Temple in Golmuri, Naga Mandir Beldih, Utkal Association, Sakchi, Jagannath Temple, Khasmahal etc. on Thursday, June 24.

Lord Jagannath was bathed with water brought in 108 pitchers from River Kharkai.

Herbs and essence were poured in the water with which Mahaprabhu was bathed amidst chanting of shlokas by priest Pandits.

Various  temple committee members Bhushan Mohanty, Indramani  Sahu, Vijay Bhuiyan of Sri Sri Radha Mandir, Shastrinagar, Shambhu Tiwari trustee of Naga Mandir, Beldih, along with devotees were present during the ritual.

Thereafter, Mahaprabhu Lord Jagannath, His sister, Subhadra and elder brother Lord Balabhadra were dressed in new garments and new crowns and were placed on their respective Singhasan (throne) at the temple.

Food cooked in the temple kitchen that included khichdi, milk pudding and olive curry were offered for consecration.

The Lord was then taken to a separate room, as according to ritualistic custom, He will confine Himself for 15 days to recover from fever.

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