Sunday, March 26, 2023

All India Motor Transport Congress to observe Black Day on 28 June


Jamshedpur. In view of the continuous increase in the prices of diesel and the deteriorating condition of the road transport sector, the condition of about 200 million people of India and the general public has gone from bad to worse. The transporters have decided to observe Black Day on 28 June. In this the wheels of the bus-truck will stop.

Akhilesh Singh Yadav, president of Jamshedpur Motor Transport Welfare Association and member of the Managing Committee of All India Motor Congress, said that there are more than 85 percent small operators in the country, who have one to five vehicles. Of these, about 65 percent are owners of commercial vehicles, self-employed, owner-drivers. Today they are losing their livelihood and are struggling to save their existence.

Demand of bus-truck operators:- Excise duty and VAT on diesel and petrol should be cut by the central government and states, diesel and petrol should be brought under GST, so that the price of diesel and petrol across the country remains the same, in its prices. Quarterly revision. In the current scenario, the EMI moratorium should be announced for six months. The time limit for the validity of the e-way bill may be restored to the first level of one day for every 100 kms. Corruption should be curbed by RTO, Police and GST officials. Other pending demands of the road transport sector should be resolved immediately.

The government should resolve the above demands at the earliest, otherwise there will be no other option but to close the road transport business which is running in loss all over India.

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