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Jamshedpur Jubilee Park to be ‘no parking zone’ shortly, barricades being put up

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur: Tata Steel UISL is working on a plan to stop parking of vehicles at Jubilee Park. Two-wheelers, auto-rickshaws and sometimes even buses are parked within the Jubilee Park that creates problems for visitors.

The management is working on barricading road sides within the Jubilee Park to prevent parking of any vehicle along the roadsides within the Park periphery.  Tata Steel UISL authorities said that permanent barricading along the sides of streets passing through the Park is being done to prevent parking of any vehicle.

The beauty of the Jubilee Park was being enhanced to ensure visitors get space to move around unhindered and spend time amidst nature but haphazardly parked vehicles come in the way of sightseeing in the Park.

Tata Steel UISL spokesperson, Sukanya Das said, “Two-wheelers, auto rickshaws, cars and even buses are parked on the Park’s roadsides that have been proving to be deterrents for hassle free sightseeing. To remove this bane, the Company has decided to put up permanent barricades in a manner that there is no room for parking any form of vehicles. Such vehicular parking destroys grass and plants. There are parking spaces outside the Jubilee Park boundaries. People should park their vehicles there.”

She stated that focus is on demarcation between the road and parking area to ensure the beauty of the park is maintained and narrow thoroughfare is not crowded.

The dividers, removed from the Mango Bridge during repair of the bridge road that was undertaken by Tata Steel UISL from March 27, will be used to form permanent barricades along the roadside within the Jubilee Park.

Earlier, following the initial outbreak of coronavirus, the Tata Steel UISL management closed the Jubilee Park gates on March 24, 2020. Following COVID protocols issued by the government, entry was totally banned. During that time no one was allowed to enter the park under the guidelines of Corona. With the viral infection gradually receding, vehicular traffic along the road passing through the Jubilee Park was not allowed. However, public representatives and citizens in general raised their voice in demand for reopening of the Jubilee Park. Ultimately, the Park was reopened on July 15, 2021. This was followed by another demand to open the road passing through the Park and ultimately that demand was also met and it was effected on September 26, 2021 and since then, vehicular movement through the Park was resumed.

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