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Jamshedpur: International seminar on radio concludes on reverberating musical note  


Jamshedpur, March 20: The third and concluding day of the International Seminar on Radio being organised by the Department of Mass Communication, Karim City College, was concluded on resounding tunes. In this last day, the programs started with a special session of the subject expert, in which three special speakers were invited.Sakhi Saheli Ke Naam famous presenter of Vividh Bharti from Mumbai, Mamta Singh, country’s well-known program presenter and film writer Yunus Khan and writer and educationist Shalini Verma from Qatar were present.

Mamta Singh spoke on the role of video on women empowerment. Through many live examples, he told how radio has awakened modern consciousness among women. Whether it is rural women or urban women, radio has always stood with them through all its programmes. On the other hand, Yunus Khan gave an exciting presentation on the changing way of presentation in radio. Yunus Khan, known across the country for his unique address, systematically explained the changes in program presentation over 100 years, which greatly benefited researchers and reminded listeners of the old days of radio. Shalini Verma, representing all the overseas Indians, told how radio keeps the Indians settled abroad connected with their language and culture. Shalini told how many Indians live in Qatar who belong to different languages but use Hindi there and because of radio they feel close to the country. Was the only one who was giving information in a correct and well mannered manner.

As the convenor of this international seminar, Dr. Neha Tiwari was introducing all the specialties. Welcome speech was presented by Dr. Mohammad Riaz.

  Part of today’s second program was the last and fifth technical session in which researchers from Doha, London, America, Delhi and Malaysia presented their papers by connecting online. The session was chaired by Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat and moderated by Dr. Rashmi Kumari. 

The presentation of all the research scholars was appreciated.

The closing ceremony was the last event of the day in which Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, Editor of Communication Today and Founder and Retired Professor of Mass Communication, University of Rajasthan, was specially invited online. He elaborated on various dimensions and future direction of radio as a medium of mass communication. Along with this, Big FM’s Cluster Head Shadab Umar Hashmi was also present online as a special speaker. Shri Hashmi spoke about the challenges of FM broadcasting. Eminent educationist and radio artist of the city Dr. C. Bhaskar Rao was also present. Director Education Dr. Mohammad Zakaria Sir of Karim City College was specially present. A website was launched by him to mark the completion of 25 years of Department of Mass Communication, Karim City College. Created by Tanmay Singh Solanki, an alumnus of the department and now visiting faculty. Country’s top grade drama artist Gautam Shankar Das was also specially invited. He explained the nuances of acting on stage and radio. Rajeev Ranjan had come to cover on behalf of All India Radio.

 Shahid Anwar of All India Radio who played an important role in the seminar was also present on the occasion.

All the distinguished speakers appreciated the organization of this international seminar by the Department of Mass Communication. It is noteworthy that the Department of Mass Communication has become the first department in the country to celebrate the completion of 100 years of radio broadcasting in India. This type of international seminar focused on radio across the country is also rarely heard. For this concept, all the subject experts appreciated Dr. Neha Tiwari, who conceptualized this international seminar. It is noteworthy that in this international seminar, about 20 experts from Morocco, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Qatar, and India participated in a special session through online medium and gave information on various dimensions, as well as more than 80 researchers from abroad presented their research papers.

 Bapi Murmu, Syed Sajid Parvez, Syed Shahzeb Parvez played a special role in making the presented program successful. Taseer Shahid, Dr. Rashmi Kumari, Dr. Nida Zakaria as moderators contributed to make the program successful. While giving vote of thanks at the end of the program, Dr. Neha Tiwari, Convener of the International Seminar and Head of the Department of Mass Communication, gave special thanks to the students, subject experts, researchers. 

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