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Jamshedpur: Garbage piles and abstract responsibilities

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Jamshedpur, Sept 25: Nothing is easier than passing on the buck of responsibility, or, whatever name it goes by. It is all very well to point out garbage piles, over flowing and clogged drains, haywire traffic and all other ills that beseech mankind in this part of the world. Admittedly, these exist and threaten to expand. Civic authorities and the various administrative bodies have been given the responsibilities of doing away or, at least, preventing these avoidable ills. May be they are making efforts but these efforts are not tangible. With Dengue, Chikungunya and the less severe seasonal flu doing the rounds, the concern for ‘clean city, green city’ has redoubled as have the garbage piles and clogged drains.

JNAC has launched ‘garbage collection at every home’ and it must be said that dedicated teams are collecting and clearing garbage from every city point. Anjan Kumar, a New Baradwari resident, observed, “JNAC’s garbage collection truck routinely picks up garbage from earmarked spots every day. My college mates and other friends living in different localities of Jamshedpur report of this dedicated activity. Now, it is upto every citizen to put household refuse in provided garbage vats to ensure successful sanitary endeavours. That way, citizens do share their bit of social responsibility.”

Sanitation workers have been seen cleaning drains and spraying anti larvae chemicals in spots prone to stagnant water collection. Special awareness efforts continue to be made by JNAC and district administration teams, especially in Mufassil areas of Jamshedpur, asking residents to remove waste and unused material strewn inside and around homes so that rain water do not collect in them as otherwise, they may make for breeding grounds for mosquitos. This drive has gained momentum ever since the district has continued to record the highest cases of Dengue infection. It may be mentioned here that Aedes mosquitos that are the carriers of the Dengue virus, breed in clean water and that enhances the caution quotient.

Coming to the point of ‘passing on the buck,’ it must be noted that it is impossible to clap with one hand unless that hand is hit against a wall and that can hurt. Dharit Das Gupta of Bistupur South Park, remarked, “Undoubtedly, Jamshedpur is one of the cleanest townships, thanks to the round-the-clock maintenance job ensured by the district administration, JNAC and Tata Steel UISL teams. Yet, garbage and clogged drains have become malignant elements. I have been around for seven decades and I should know. Some people have depleted the sense of civic values. They unconcernedly spit out tobacco juice, throw pouches and packets anywhere and everywhere. Household garbage is thrown into drains or any other spot in residential areas as such people have no inclination towards throwing waste in earmarked places where garbage vats have been placed and the distances are definitely not inconvenient. Are not such citizens to be blamed? No amount of sermonizing can show them the ethical light!”

Just the other day, a review meeting on the ‘garbage collection at every home’ endeavour was organized at the JNAC office. A resolution was adopted wherein, first time offenders would be made to understand their social responsibilities and the ‘repeaters’ would be fined. The first part is OK but its effectiveness might remain in parenthesis. For the second option, here is hoping for the best.

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