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Jamshedpur: Flower cultivation adds colour to Yashoda’s earning ways


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Jamshedpur, May 26: Yashoda Mahato, a Shukla village resident in Rasiknagar Panchayat under Bodam Block, like any other farmer used to subsist on staople cultivation of paddy and seasonal vegetables. The only difference between her and the other farmers in the Block area was that Yashoda always sought ways to enhance her income by going in for something new along with customary or traditional farming.

During one of her visits to the Block office, she came to know of a garden development scheme that held possibilities of enhanced income. Yashoda Mahto’s desire to use her tilling fields for a different produce and add to her economic pursuits was about to become a reality. She visited the Horticulture Department (Uddyan Vibhag) and the official not only suggested her to start growing Marigold flowers along with her usual field produces but also arranged for her training and then made available the saplings to put her on her way.

Yashoda Mahto marked 0.7 acres of hr agriculture field and started growing marigold flowers. As of today, marigold farming is fetching heran additional income of Rs 12,000 per month at an average. “The demand for flowers is incessant. Like a few others, marigold is not a seasonal flower and it is in demand round the year. Be it for festive or celebratory occasions or for puja rituals or for any other floral requirements, marigold invariably is the common ask. It is in demand round the year. And the biggest factor is that the plucked marigold flowers get sold instead of being left to rot. I am very happy as this additional framing is fetching me good money. I am so enthused that I am planning to extend my flower cultivation field area,” stated lady farmer Yashoda Mahto.

No doubt then that Yashoda has made her reputation as a progressive farmer. In addition to traditional farming of paddy crops and seasonal vegetables that fetch her income for sustenance, she is adding to her economic stability by growing marigold flowers that is fetching her good and steady earning.   is earning a good income by cultivating marigold flowers along with vegetable farming. For the first time, Marigold cultivation was started in 0.7 acres from commercial point of view. Now it is making a profit of about 12 thousand rupees every month. Female farmer Yashoda Mahto is recognized as a progressive farmer today by moving away from the cultivation of traditional cereals and vegetables and adding marigold to her farming list.

Yashoda Mahato emphatically added, “Be it marriage or any other festive occasion, the demand for marigold flowers is perennial.  So far it has never happened that plucked flowers have gone unsold and rotted in the house. My 0.7 acre marigold farming patch yields anywhere between 150 and 200 kilograms per week that bring in approximately Rs 3,000. My socio-economic conditions are changing for the better. I am also advising other women cultivators to add marigold cultivation to their traditional farming.” The Horticulture Department has certainly seen to the flowering of Yashoda Mahto’s desire to add to traditional farming and of course to her family coffers. Times are certainly changing and Yashoda is the tip of the rising sun of a new morn.


  1. Motivation is required to the land owners and government agencies should support. Unfortunately, at Tamolia more than 20 acres of land lying vacant no cultivation. Young generation attracts on fast money with less efforts. This basti do not have proper roads, drainage, street lights. Every 10 meters full of country illegal liquor ships. Houses drainage sewerage pipes connected on main service road. Chandel block development officers are least bothered to improve basic infrastructure in this basti keeping roads with proper drainage, check on encroachment etc.

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