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Jamshedpur entrepreneur Apurva Anand scripts start-up success story

Former student of Loyola sets up snack manufacturing unit

Jamshedpur, June 24: Jamshedpur-born and former student of Loyola School, Apurva Anand has set an example �of successful enterprise. His mantra is simple. “I believe that knowledge and experience is best utlilised by individuals when they create more opportunities for others. This was my primary motivation to come back to entrepreneurship,� said Apurva Anand, founder of BRB Popped Chips.

BRB Popped Chips are manufactured in Belgium and distributed and marketed in India.  It is the first of its kind products that are neither baked nor fried. Apurva along with his three other friends launched this new venture in Delhi-NCR this year and within a span of three months its products are available across top 1000 chains in Delhi NCR.

A student of Loyola School, Apurva Anand was a national level swimmer and a big foodie. Unlike boys, he loved cooking and invented his own recipes in his teenage to maintain the nutrition required for an athlete.  In fact, he always wanted to open a health food restaurant someday and started saving up from the age of 13!

Grandson of Patna High Court Justice late Anand Prasad Sinha and son of senior Tata Steel officer Dinkar Anand, Apurva completed his engineering from Manipal and started working in the IT industry. He pursued his MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Manila. When he returned to his homeland, he had a very lucrative job offer. He gave up on the job to pursue his childhood dream of starting his own health food restaurant in Gurugram.

The restaurant was a huge hit and he opened three more outlets in a span of 8 months. The demand for his healthy dishes was extremely high and he started selling his products from over 500+ other stores in Gurugram. He pursued his interest further when he teamed up with a like-minded team at Hector Beverages who were about to launch the beverage brand �Paper Boat�. He eventually became the Head of Sales at �Paper Boat�.

Soon Coca-Cola came knocking with a highly lucrative role. He was appointed to launch the Premium Division of Coke. With a massive success in Coca-Cola that became the corporate folklore, Apurva was picked up by the Coca-Cola�s CEO for the prestigious �Inspire the Extraordinary Award�.

However, this year he decided to get back to entrepreneurship and launched a venture in the snacking space. �It is only our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.� signed off Apurva.

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