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Jamshedpur: Contest ‘KhamoSheWithLife’ concludes on a positive note


Jamshedpur, July 28: KhamoSheWithLife a global event by ‘La Gravitea’, empowering deaf and hard of hearing community around the world had 77 entries from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria for which the results were declared on Wednesday. A total of 15 entries were shortlisted based on the creativity deaf people did for the society and the environment during Covid19 Pandemic.

Shweta Goswami, 21 yrs from Bangalore won the title Miss KhamoSHE DEAF 2021 (National Category) and bagged Cash Prize of Rs.10,000. She shared a video of cooking food for dogs at her home and feeding them in the streets because during the pandemic these animals were the most hit who couldn’t talk and express the hunger pangs they went through.

Heaven Upadhayay, 20 yrs DEAF from Chainpur, Nepal won the title Miss KhamoSHE DEAF 2021 (International Category) and bagged Cash Prize of Rs.10,000. Samlam Chuilo, 24 yrs from Dimapur, India won the title Miss KhamoSHE DEAF 2021 (1st Runner Up National Category) and bagged Cash Prize of Rs.4360.50.

Laxmi Maharjan, 25 yrs from Kathmandu, Nepal won the title Miss KhamoSHE DEAF 2021 (1st Runner Up International Category) and bagged Cash Prize of Rs.4360.50

She shared a video showing the importance of Face Mask during this Pandemic via Face Painting. By this she created an awareness among people on how important a mask is. Nayem Islam, 16 yrs from Bogra, Bangladesh won the title Mr. KhamoSHE DEAF 2021 (Youth Achiever’s Award) and bagged a gift hamper.

The brain behind the event Avinash Dugar said: “ The contest was an opportunity to stay positive utilising your time and energy so that PwDs don’t suffer from mental health issues during the pandemic and win some cash prize in return”.

La Gravitea in posh Circuit House Area has employed waitresses and cooks, all sourced from Sonari’s Bal Vihar, an institution that works with the hearing impaired. Apart from serving breakfast, lunch and drinks, the most unique feature about the cafeteria is their initiative to empower women with hearing impaired.

La Gravitea is the most sought after café famous for its more than 100 international varieties of tea. Green, white, organic, ice, flavoured, herbal, blooming – you name it and you will get it at.

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