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Jamshedpur: Bail plea of suicide abetment accused rejected


Jamshedpur, May 22: While hearing the anticipatory bail plea of husband Sandeep Prasad in the suicide case of Anuradha Kumari, working as a sub-beat officer in the forest department, the court of Jamshedpur Chief Justice cum District Judge Anil Kumar Mishra-Forest on Monday rejected it.

Anuradha committed suicide by hanging herself in her house on 11 March 2021.

Sandeep Prasad, a resident of Munni Singh Chowk in Palamu district. Due to Sandeep’s refusal to marry and threatening her, she committed suicide by hanging herself in the house under mental stress. After this, the family had filed a case against Sandeep for abetting him to commit suicide. An arrest warrant has been issued against the accused for one month.

In the investigation, the senior police officers had filed a charge sheet after three years stating the case as correct. Despite the arrest of the accused, a memorandum has also been handed over to the Chief Secretary of the Jharkhand Government and a request has been made for justice.

Sandeep Prasad is a software engineer. In October 2020, Anuradha’s marriage was fixed with Sandeep. After this both used to talk a lot on mobile. Meanwhile, Sandeep asked Anuradha to leave the job. When Anuradha refused, Sandeep had also threatened to break the marriage. Since then, Anuradha had come under mental stress.

On March 11, 2021, he committed suicide by hanging himself at Kitadih residence. In the case, Anuradha’s elder brother Satish Kumar Prasad has accused the investigator of not cooperating in the case. The arrest warrant against Sandeep has been issued from the court since April 10, but the police is not arresting him. The case has been made true thrice after investigation.

Family members say that Sandeep has been hiding in Hyderabad since the incident. If the police wants, they can arrest him by taking the location of the mobile. The family members have accused the Parsudih police of not cooperating in the whole matter.

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