Saturday, December 2, 2023

Jamshedpur: Anti-social elements eye temple land behind CH Area Dhobi Ghat

Mail News Service
Jamshedpur, August 24: Anti-social elements are eyeing the vacant plot of land behind the Circuit House Dhobi Ghat under Bistupur police station. An ancient temple is situated on that plot of land. Recently, the land was leveled due to which people are suspicious of ulterior motives of the land being taken over. Antisocial elements have been seen gathering at that plot of land thus adding to the people’s anguish.
 Rajendra Rajak, a local resident who looks after the temple, said that since 1932, idols of many Gods and Goddesses have been established in the Mandir behind the Dhobi Ghat.  “The temple building is in a dilapidated condition because it has been there since 1932 and no repair has been made since them. May be, due to this state of the temple, antisocial elements want to raze it and capture the land.”
 Rajak said that when the field was being leveled with the help of a bulldozer, people asked the men who had come at that time about their identity, the introduced themselves as JUSCO employees. Rajendra Rajak said, “We have appealed to all Sanatan Dharma communities to cooperate in saving this ancient temple from the clutches of antisocial elements.” 

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