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Jamshedpur actor Saroni Roy spreading Gandhian values in Sydney

Jamshedpur : Jamshedpur born- Australian actor Saroni Roy is spreading Gandhian values of ‘Peace, Harmony & Non-violence’ in Sydney.

During the celebration of Global Citizens and National Volunteer Week, Saroni was an integral part of the UNAA NSW project planning team and worked and performed as a volunteer. 

“As an artist, global citizen & peace ambassador, I work each day to create a more inclusive, more peaceful ‘one world’ to live and love. The prayer song is dedicated to all peacekeepers and global citizens who are making the world safer, fairer and more sustainable, to people in India, Gaza who have lost loved ones to the pandemic, and to unrest and war,” she said.

As Miss India Australia Goodwill Ambassador, Saroni has worked incessantly to strengthen bi-lateral relations between India and Australia and is also a community leader building multilateral relations, spreading peace through hosting an extensive list of Multicultural Art & Community cohesion initiatives ensconced in Diversity, Sustainability and Social Justice, and Gandhian values. 

A tribute to the Peace Hero of History Mahatma Gandhi, and with an audience which doesn’t comprehend Hindi or Gujrati, her talk as a prelude to her performance elaborated on the profound meaning, significance and universal relevance of the Gandhian values and how Gandhi’s song ‘Vaishnav Jan’, written by poet Narsinh Mehta in the Gujarati language has a deep spiritual impact even after 600 years and will continue to inspire generations to come.

Saroni explained how Mahatma Gandhi perpetuated ‘Ahimsa’ or non-violence and is an apostle of peace and humanity around the world, and this song talks about humanity, kindness, truthfulness and how people should live for each other, understand each other’s pain and do good in the world without taking pride in it. Kindness, truth and non-violence not just in actions but also in thoughts and words, the language we use for each other. Respecting every woman as you would respect your own mother. Practising equality, tolerance, love and respect for everyone around the world. This way we can certainly all step in and do our part.

Saroni is today an actress, known for Risen, Greed (2020) and A Troubled Town (2019). She is based in Sydney, known for her television and film roles. The talented actress and model has worked in several American, Australian and European projects.

Daughter of former Tata Steel official Saroni was also awarded the Peace Ambassador title in 2019 for her incessant contribution towards World Peace by International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG).

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