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Jamshedpur: Action against sound system owner, Akhara committee if DJ played in Ramnavami


Jamshedpur, March 26: Keeping in mind Ram Navami, East Singhbhum SSP
Prabhat Kumar has said that if DJ is played during Ram Navami
procession, FIR will be lodged against the DJ owner and action will be
taken against the people of Akhara Committee.

This type of direction is given to the police every year, but the
people of the Akhara committee do not take it seriously. This time it
will not work

The administration has also advised that procession has to be taken
out on time and the immersion of the Ramnavami Jhanda has to be
completed within the stipulated time.

The SSP has said that if a car or bike is seen on the day of Ram
Navami procession, its driver will go to jail and his vehicle will
also be seized. The challan of the vehicle will be deducted from the
court itself. Bikes were also seized during the Hindu Navvarsh Yatra.
During this, a young man who performed stunts was also sent to jail.

In this way, work will be done to take action in future also.

SSP also said that information has been received about the people of
the Central Peace Committee that they misuse the card and advised them
to behave responsibly.

“If the traffic police is doing duty somewhere, then they should also
cooperate instead of trying to release car and bikes caught for
violation of law by showing their central committee cards.

The SSP asked the Central Peace Committee members to complain about
drug menace to the local thanas or directly to the SSP on his


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