Wednesday, October 4, 2023

IWC Jamshedpur extends support to migrating farmer

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Jamshedpur: Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur on Monday launched a unique tree plantation project at Lupundih village to help stop migration of farmers.

Green Jharkhand project which was launched by Jharkhand Human Resource Development Centre (JHRDC) in Lupundih village earlier this year to save farmers, most of who are migrating to cities in search of livelihood. Under this project they are supporting farmers and encouraging them to earn their livelihood through fruit plantations.

Supporting the cause, Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur organised a tree plantation at Lupundih village, where 50 banana saplings were donated and planted by the members of the club.

The saplings were planted at 720 sq.ft. area of land which belongs to a underprivileged farmer from the village.

This small piece of land is protected and guarded by barbed wire which will protect the plants from the animals. Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur has paid for all the cost of maintenance.

The farmer also agreed to look after the plantation, so once the fruit starts growing, it will be his recurring income without any further investment. There is also a well near this area so he can water the plants during summer season.

Club members extended gratitude towards Sanjay Kumar from JHRDC for giving this idea. President of the club Shweta Chand, executive committee members played vital role in making the event successful.

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