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ISM Ranchi launches social venture

Ranchi: A massive tree campaign was kicked off in Jharkhand here on Friday on the eve of the 33rd foundation day of Institute of Science and Management, Ranchi.

PGDM 1st year student, Chandan Gupta launched the company and its website ��, which is a social venture focused on developing a self sustainable Model of tree plantation. Chandan has got his admission in ISM via Start_From_Zero program, where ISM Ranchi and SELF Incubation Centre are identifying graduates with entrepreneural drive within. Such students will not only finish their 2 year PGDM in Business Management (MBA) free of cost at ISM Ranchi, but they will also get stipend and support to nurture their venture for 2 years.

On this occasion, Sriram Dalton, the National Award Winner Filmmaker from Jharkhand, officially announced the Netarhat Film Institute’s (NFI) JUNGLE filmmaking Workshop that is scheduled to be conducted from 25th July to 10th August 2017 at Netarhat.

A similar filmmaking workshop was organized by the NFI in the year under the leadership of Sriram Dalton in the year, where almost 185 people from all across India collaborated to make 10 films on the theme of ‘Water’.

Not long back Netarhat-Mahuadanr-Betla Circle (Chotanagpur Plateau) was one of the most prominent tourism destinations in Eastern India. It is high time Chotanagpur Plateau regained its past glory. Films are the best way to showcase the locations, objects and subjects with in its true emotion and form. In this jungle workshop, atleast one feature film and a couple of short-films are going to be made, which will canvas the natural beauty of Chotanagpur Plateau. These films will be screened in international film festivals and special screenings. The tourism potential of Netarhat region will spread across the world.

The proposed workshop will be graced by some of the eminent personalities from different fields of filmmaking, including camera, production, editing, music, writing etc. The attention of media will re-establish the tourism potential of Chotanagpur Plateau.

Some of the eminent personalities attending the workshop are Milind Kishor Ukey (Writer & Director of films like “Hanuman” and “Pathshala”), Bisharad Basnet (Theater Actor), Miss Bibha Rani (Journalist, National Awarded Theater Personality), Dushyant Kumar (Writer, Lyricist), Nakul Gaikwad (Cinematographer from Prague Film School), Megha Sriram Dalton (Playback Singer), Prahlad Kakkad (Ad-filmmaker of India), Pargeet Manohansa (International Fame Sculptor Artist from Nepal), Rajesh Gautam (Director Aakashwani), Bulu Imam (International fame Artist from Jharkhand), Bapi Tutul (Composure, written the scores for films such as Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Khosla Ka Ghosla), R. P. Singh (Executive Producer with Reliance Big Entertainment, Excel Entertainment and Amir Khan Productions), Shambhu Shikhar (The famous Poet of India), Chandrashekhar Goswami etc. Additionally, some more filmmakers and other eminent personalities from India and outside India are expected to attend the workshop for a few atleast, if not for the entire duration, then at least for few days during the workshop.

Films are the best ways to communicate the true feeling of a location, culture and art, Government of Jharkhand may use the films made in the NFI’s JUNGLE Workshop to showcase the true potential of Tourism in Netarhat Circle (Chotanagpur Plateau), said Saket Kumar, Vice Chairman, ISM Ranchi.

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