Tuesday, December 12, 2023

International Adivasi Day celebrated

Noamundi: International Adivasi Day was celebrated at Sangram Sai ground on Saturday with great fervor.

A large number of Adivasis clad in traditional attire and carrying drums took out a grand procession through Noamundi Bazar, Tisco Colony and Main Road and gathered at the meeting venue. The function was inaugurated by Jano Laguri, a 85 year old woman. Adivasi girls and boys presented Adivasi dance and songs on the stage.

Chief organizer of the programme, former MLA Mangal Singh Bobonga said, �Adivasis are dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. He said, �Samata Judgment, Wilkinson Rule and many other Acts enacted for the welfare and protection of the Adivasi exist only on paper but are rarely implemented.

As a result illegal mining and rampant deforestation destroy our natural resources. We must protect our existence.�
MLA Geeta Koda, also present on the occasion, said, �Mine lessees make huge profit by dint of the mining activities but they do not work for the development of Adivasi People. As a consequence, our natural resources will soon cease to exist.�

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