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Intermittent rain throws life out of gear in Jamshedpur,

Jamshedpur, Aug. 7: Intermittent rain that hit the city from last 24 hours has led to water clogging in the low-lying areas and throne life out of gear.

According to Meteorological office in Sonari, the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal is bringing good rainfall in the region and the situation is likely to remain the same in next 24 hours. The city today recorded 44.5 MM rainfall.

The downpour that began on Saturday night continued well Sunday, throwing rail and road traffic into disarray.

Residents of Old Purulia Road in Mango even blocked the road in protest against lack of civic as water gushed inside their houses.

Traffic was disrupted as major main roads in the city were inundated. A long traffic snarl was witnessed at Kalimati Road in Sakchi. Commuters had a tough time wading through knee-deep water, at some places, to reach their destinations. There is also a fear of an outbreak of water-borne diseases.

The traffic police had a tough time regulating traffic in the affected areas. In a few areas, traffic constables were seen opening manhole covers to enable free flow of rainwater into the drains.

Rain water gushed into houses in many low-lying area, said officials. Many areas including Jugsalai were also plunged into darkness after electric cables were snapped due to the falling trees.

According to information areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Baghbera, Pardih have been worst hit. Water clogging at these areas has made difficult for people to move.

The downpour exposed the woeful drainage system on the city roads. Choked drains resulted in water logging in different parts of the city. Motorists had to struggle to get through the water-logged roads.

Most of the roads are dotted with stalled vehicles, adding to the chaos. In some low lying areas several autos have been reported stranded in water.

�Irregular rains have made life difficult for the residents but still there has not been much flooding even in the low-lying areas. We are keeping a vigil look and are prepared to face situation,� said an officer of Jugsalai Municipality.

Meanwhile resident of Jugsalai complained of water clogging and heap of garbage spread in several nooks and corners of the areas.

It may be mentioned that heavy rains in 2008 had brought life to a standstill. Normal life was thrown out of gear with over 10,000 people becoming homeless. Over 2,000 farm animals were washed away in the floodwater.

However despite claims from the district administration, the situation in the city may get worse if steps are not taken to remove water clogging in several areas and take other preventive measures.

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