Saturday, April 1, 2023

Integrated Command and Control Centre for a smarter Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, March 1: Ishaat Hussain, Director, Tata Steel, today inaugurated an Integrated Command and Control Centre for Management of City Services near Town Electrical Office, Northern Town, which would help Jamshedpur develop into a smart and more sustainable city.

This is first of its kind initiative in the state.

Also present during the launch were Anand Sen, VP, Tata Steel, Ashish Mathur, MD, Jusco and Sunil Bhaskaran, VP (Corporate Services) Tata Steel and others. The system will work on LORa-WAN network and will use IOT based sensors.

In the first phase several initiatives including Digital Waste Bin, Energy Meter, Street Light Monitoring, Transforming Monitoring, Workforce Tracking, Water Meter, Water Tower Automation, Water Quality Test, Water Distribution Network (Leak Detection), Water Treatment Plant, River Pump House Automation, Smart Parking, Security Surveillance and Vehicle Tracking have been implemented.

The command centre will have a proactive customer centric approach for efficient city management which would help Jamshedpur become a Ďsmarterí city.

Earlier, during the press conference, Jusco MD Ashish Mathur had said that a large transformation initiative will soon enable far-reaching benefits to the community and general improvements in city services.

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