Thursday, February 2, 2023

Husband and in-laws booked for poisoning woman

Jamshedpur: The death of a married woman, Sushmita Das, in Bidra village of Patamada police station area, has given rise to apprehensions of dowry killing.

Local police registered a complaint on behalf of Rakhal Das, father of the alleged victim, against the husband and in-laws of his daughter for poisoning Sushmita.

In the complaint, the aggrieved father alleged that his son-in-law Naresh Das with the help of his father Drupad Das, mother Nirmala Das and brother Paresh Das had tortured Sushmita under various pretexts.

Sushmita was being tortured by her husband and in-laws right after her marriage. Eight months ago, a reconciliation meeting was held between the families, but of no avail.

Rakhal Das said his daughter was poisoned around 11 pm on 17th April last in her matrimonial house. Next morning, the victim was hospitalized in Banduan were she passed away around 7.45 pm.

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