Thursday, December 7, 2023

Har Har Mahadev Seva Sangh spreads warmth through blanket drive

Jamshedpur : City-based social organisation Har Har Mahadev Seva Sangh has embarked on a drive to distribute blankets and spread warmth among the less privileged people of the society. The drive was started with distributing among the saints.

The blanket distribution drive will cover the city along with the near by villages. The idea is to provide shield to the less privileged from the winter. From past one week the drive is carried in different parts of the area including Mango, Sakchi, Burmamines. Rural belt like Ghatshila, Musabani, Patmadaare being covered.

Founding president of the association, Amarpreet Singh Kale said that various social welfare activities are being carried out throughout the year and blanket distribution is the most sought after initiative. The purpose of distributing blankets to the needy spreads the message of sympathy, love and sacrifices to the society.

From past more than a decade, city-based social organisation has been helping poor survive the cold through their blanket distribution programmes.

Sharing his experience, Kale says, � I am of the opinion that everybody can become a Santa just by donating a blanket to the needy. I have watched the drive become more successful each year as members of the sangh open their hearts to help both the homeless and those struggling to make ends meet.

This is a cause we can all get behind to make a difference for people who really need it�. The blankets also tell people that others care and place value on their lives he added.

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